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Aquachlor Business Unit

Equipment and Systems Engineering has developed a unique family of high performance products for water supply treatment based on low-cost technology and low-cost operating requirements. The seven Aquachlor brand products in the company's Aquachlor Business Unit range from a small emergency/portable unit (AQ-Kit), which sanitizes 44,000 liters of water per day at 1 ppm (part per million) Cl 2 , to its largest unit (AC-200), which sanitizes 5,040,000 liters of water per day at 1 ppm Cl 2 . At an approximate cost of only $3 per day, these systems are exceptionally economical and provide sustainable projects, using just common salt and electricity, to sanitize water for thousands of people. Time-tested and embraced by the global marketplace, these systems are directed to the rural water supply markets around the world, especially those in developing nations.

Key features of the Aquachlor family of products include:

  • Produce water disinfectant (Sodium Hypochlorite) on the same location of use.
  • Requires only common salt, water and electricity (A/C or D/C from solar panels).
  • Extremely easy to operate and maintain. Does not require skilled operators nor special training.
  • The best alternative to gas chlorine and other disinfectants like granular calcium hypochlorite or commercial sodium hypochlorite to eliminate waterborne diseases like cholera.


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