Jolivert Project Assessment

Rochelle Rainey, USAID and Daniele Lantagne, CDC – May 7-10, 2005

The Jolivert Safe Water for Families (JSWF) Project is an in-home water purification project for families in northern Haiti that began in September 2002 with 200 pilot project families. The project is located at, and sponsored by, the Missions of Love Clinic in Jolivert. Missions of Love, Incorporated is a faithbased NGO with headquarters in Hartford, Kentucky.

The village of Jolivert is located along the Les Trois Rivières, a river that runs about 60 kilometers from the middle of Haiti’s northern peninsula to the coast and into the sea near Port de Paix. The clinic is about 3 kilometers south of Bassin Bleu, and a 1.5 hour drive north of Gros Morne.

Jolivert Bucket and Solution Bottle

Sodium hypochlorite solution, branded Dlo Pwòp, is produced at the Jolivert Clinic using a hypochlorite generator. Familiespurchase this disinfectant in refillable 250 ml bottles either at the clinic (at a cost of 3 gourdes per bottle) or from 13 designated resellers throughout the surrounding towns and communities (at a cost of 5 gourdes per bottle, with the margin going toward the reseller). Users add one capful, 6 milliliters, of Dlo Pwòp to 5 gallons of water stored in a modified safe storage container, which is provided at subsidized cost to program participants by the JSWF project. The Haitian Administrator of the project keeps track of income, expenses, and supplies. The two Haitian Technicians produce the hypochlorite solution, conduct trainings to bring new families into the program, conduct household visits to provide ongoing training and chlorine residual testing, sell the hypochlorite, and maintain records for the project.

• Review of records maintained by JWSF Haitian Staff.

• Random survey of households in three communities to assess current use of system and whether users are using it correctly.

• Observation of training conducted by JSWF Haitian Staff for new families entering the program.

• Observation of sodium hypochlorite production run.

• Quality control testing of sodium hypochlorite solution.

• Meetings with the JWSF Haitian Staff and the expat Project Director.

• Water testing and meetings at potential new project site in Gros Morne, Haiti.

• Review of records maintained by JWSF Haitian Staff.

Information learned during these activities is presented in the following sections, and recommendations and conclusions are presented in the last section.