Combination, Solar/AC poweredunit.  Produces 5.5 grams/hrof equivalent chlorine.  Sanitizes 2,750 liters of water per hour at 2 ppm.   

AC-50 Electric

A/C powered unit.  Produces 60 grams/hr  ofequivalent chlorine.  Sanitizes 30,000 liters of water per hour at 2 ppm.

AC-25 Solar

Solar pw unit.  Produces 5.5 Solar Pw unit.  Produces 30 grams/hr of equivalent chlorine.  Sanitizes 15,000 liters of water per hour at 2 ppm

AC-100 Electric

A/C powered unit.  Produces 115 grams/hr of equivalent chlorine   Sanitizes 57,500 lit. of water per hour at 2 ppm.

AC-25 Electric

Solar powered unit.  Produces 30 grams/hr of equivalent chlorine   Sanitizes 15,000 liters of water per hour at 2 ppm.

AC-200 Electric

A/C powered unit. Produces 210 grams/hr of equivalent chlorine Sanitizes 5,040,000 liters of water per day at 1 ppm Cl2.

Basic Technology

Power Supply:

“Switching” type power supply based on solid-state transistors that will stand voltage fluctuations  in the network. Common linear type transformers are not appropriate in an electrolytic process because they output constant voltage and permits current (amps) fluctuation.

– To output constant current (amps) while permitting an automatic voltage adjustment in order to generate a constant concentration of sodium hypochlorite. The floating voltage is necessary to dynamically keeps a constant current while the electrical conductivity of the brine changes due to the loss of salt that turns into NaOCl and the heat generated in the electrolytic process.

– To include a electric timer switch that in case of energy interruption will restart the system when the energy returns from the time that the energy was interrupted and stop the process at the required predetermined time. 

– To include digital voltmeter and ammeter. Analog meters are not accepted because they are susceptible to oxidation by chlorine gases emanating from the process.


– Made out of titanium and coated with Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA) for electrical efficiency and durability.

– That can be disassembled for maintenance and replacement of internal parts.
– With electrolytic grade copper cables.
– Equipped with a container for acid cleaning and storage when not in use.

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More than 4000 units installed in:
67 countries providing more than 600 million lit. of Safe Drinking Water every day


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Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual:
 AC25, AC50, AC100, AC200
 AC25 – Solar
Manual de Instalación, Operación y Mantenimiento: 
AC25, AC50, AC100, AC200
 AC25 – Solar