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Was founded in 1986 in Miami Florida USA primarily focused in combating the unsafe drinking water in the world that causes thousands of deaths every day. Today more than 60 countries share our technology disinfecting more than 500 million of gallons per day of unsafe drinking water.

For many years, Equipment and Systems Engineering also has been a distributor of alternative fuels converters for automobiles, waste water treatment systems, and water sanitation systems based on on-site sodium hypochlorite generation. Today, the company manufactures its own on-site Hypochlorite Generation System, under the brand name Aquachlor, to sanitize drinking water in the rural areas of developing nations. The company sells seven products based on a unique technology that uses common table salt and either A/C or D/C electricity from its own solar panels to produce the sanitizing agent sodium hypochlorite. Requiring minimal training, its systems are easy to operate and maintain. Equipment & Systems Engineering has an installed base of more than 1,000 units around the world, providing several hundred million liters of safe drinking water every day in 47 countries across North, Central and South America, as well as Africa and Asia. Time-tested and accepted in the global marketplace, the Aquachlor line of products is used and/or financed by numerous multinational organizations and governments. 


International Equipment & Systems  Inc. has developed a unique family of high performance products for water supply treatment based on low-cost technology and low-cost operating requirements

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The EXTERMINATOR of Waterborne Diseases  in Rural Areas, Emergencies and Disasters