Sodium Hypochlorite Generators: Taking water treatment to remote areas

Discover Reliable On-Site Chlorine Production for On-Demand Disinfection. Combating unsafe drinking water that causes thousands of deaths every day worldwide.

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OPS / El Salvador
In 2000 the director of OPS declared El Salvador "Free of cholera" (referring to the extensive use of this technology in rural sanitation).

Dennis Kalson

Consultant to USAID
It proved safe, inexpensive and effective for 9,000 families on the Santa Elena. The system is still working.

Isaac Thomas

Population Services International
The generators you provided our office in Afghanistan met with tremendous success and now they would like to procure 6 more.
What is sodium hypochlorite?

Theory of Chlorination

Sodium hypochlorite, “NaOCl” (also known as “hypo”, “bleach”, or “liquid chlorine”), is a powerful oxidant that is used world-wide for the chlorination of water for disinfection.


Salt is composed of sodium and chloride. When in solution and electricity DC is passed through special electrodes, the chlorides will disassociate to form chlorine.

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